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Apr 21, 2022
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within the socialist movement, it was the Germany Phone Number List writers who, from within their ranks, began to question the meaning of this penetration. Should we fear it, encourage it, control it? What place and what role would we assign to Germany Phone Number List these "new layers" of socialism, whose class nature was then not a problem? Weren't they just the vector of the workers' aspirations? Embarrassing and dangerous contradiction. In France, there Germany Phone Number List were many articles and works aimed at addressing the issue: Georges Sorel, Paul Lafargue, Hubert Lagardelle, and Édouard Berth. Charles Péguy was undoubtedly those Germany Phone Number List who spoke the most about it, at the turn of the century and as a result of the Dreyfus affair. In Germany, Karl Kautsky was the author of a reflection on the role of intelligentsia Germany Phone Number List published in Die Neue Zeit, which resonated throughout Europe. In Italy, Antonio Gramsci outlined his theory of the organic intellectual, and in Britain, the Fabian Society also cast a spell on Germany Phone Number List intellectuals.44. In this context, it is striking that Jaurès contributed little to a debate that he undoubtedly considered peripheral. As he argues in one of his most cited Germany Phone Number List articles, the future of socialism rests on the idea that the proletariat is the "true intellectual class," that is, the only one capable of drawing the contours of a historical future. For the rest, if Germany Phone Number List Jaurès cannot be denied eminent and enviable intellectual qualities – Georges Clemenceau could also be placed on a similar level – it is clear that his social practice belongs much Germany Phone Number List more to the repertoire of political action, to which he confers an undeniable reflective depth than to the universe of writers, artists, professors or academics.

shopon bd

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